Monday, October 6, 2008

under your leaves.

oh! the grandeur

Logan, how did that happen?

Adell rocks

Lisa & CJ

Justin & Kaylee

"Not only is Lisa pregnant, her belly is also pregnant" - Clint

Observations from a weekend up at the Carling cabin in Alpine, Arizona:

- I would very much like an aspen grove of my own
- I would also very much like a cabin in the mountains
- These Is My Words is a great book (so far)
- I am in love with that husband of mine
- Funny people and good friends make me happy
- So does layering clothes and bundling up in blankets and listening to the rain all night and sitting around a fire and visiting into the night and reading on the porch while the sun comes up...

music of the moment | The Concretes - On the Radio


  1. Wait, Arizona has trees that change colors? Neat.

    Logan must be Mormon; that's why he grew horns.

    Wow, Clint is brilliant!

  2. even though i would be the odd ball out, i wish i could have been home and begged to go with you guys.

    we had rain all weekend + snow on the mountains. it was lovely. im going to park city this weeekend, cannot wait to take a ton of pictures.

    i love you and i hope all is well in your side of the world.

  3. oh, and ps, its freezing here and my green bean plants are growing green beans!! ahh i am officially a gardener :) haha

  4. sounds lovely all of it. I am glad you got to enjoy a weekend away!

  5. Whoa, is Justin married??

    Looks like a lovey weekend! You're so lucky. Although, it was really nice round about these parts too. Yay October!

  6. I'M READING THAT BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!! How exciting.

    Also, I love when you post a huge chunk of photos, all of which mostly speak for themselves. Your pics are all so beautiful, I just look at them and pretend like I actually know you.

  7. your weekend looks lovely.

    as does your green sweater.

  8. I love that book (These Is My Words). The sequel is not as good but still worth reading. You and Clint are so cute; every time I see pictures of you guys I just think it's so cool you guys have so much fun together.

  9. hi angela,
    long time lurker here! just wanted to say that i love, love, love your photos. thanks for sharing.

  10. I love seeing old friends. You, clint, Adell, Lisa, Cj... I have memories with each one of them at some point in my life. How fun.

  11. aren't aspens the best? when the sun hits a grove of them just right, it's like they start shimmer and sparkle in the wind. i don't know how they do it, but i love it.

    these is my words is so good. at first, i was a little doubtful of the terrible grammar at the beginning, but it gets better and better. you won't be disappointed.

    (picking apart the grammar made me really self-conscious about the grammar in that sentence. i'm still not 100% sure i did ok.)

  12. oohh!! how fun. I love the pictures! It is beautiful! WHat a fun weekend.

  13. Hi, how have you been? I was just looking at your business website/blog last week and I always knew you were talented but wow... you are amazing! Also Jenny and I are having a Halloween costume party this month and you and Clint should go. There is more info on my blog about it.

  14. ooh, looks magnificent. love your photog skills! love the scenery!

  15. Those antlers if he wears them long enough will become a part of him for good :)

    Happy moments are contagious :)

  16. what a charming post.
    love it!

  17. what kind of sick individual gets 17 blog comments?

  18. Anonymous10/11/2008

    ...a person who will now get 18 comments! =) looooove the photos angela! you always seem to arrange them so nicely.

  19. Anonymous10/11/2008

    I just finished These is My Words and also thought it was a great book! I'm going to find the 2 sequels and check them out from the library...
    Looks like a fun trip!