Tuesday, October 14, 2008

whatever you need, however so slight.

The end of September marked one year of living in our house. Tonight as we were making our weekly trip to get a frozen yogurt treat, Clint asked me if I knew what made him so happy the day we moved in. (hint: It wasn't the fact that we had just bought our first home together, or that our twin niece+nephew were born...) It was the realization that we were less than a mile away from a Golden Spoon.

We painted a wall in our dining room jalapeno pepper green. I'm not yet sure if that's a confession, a warning, or simply a statement. But atleast the husband has decided he likes it. On Sunday he told me he was having a hard time determining if he loved me or the wall color better.

"...to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that's a real treat." -Joanne Woodward


  1. I think if I ever were to meet Clint, I would really like his sense of self. And humour. Maybe you just make him sound funnier than he is, so maybe it's just you I like.

    Either way...hoorah for milestones! And this Golden Spoon Place...I have got to experience it. Any flavour suggestions?

  2. I love golden spoon!! I recently discovered the almond roca topping. I will never get any other topping, nor will I ever get the frozen yogurt plain, it's AMAZING!
    I also love the jalapeno pepper green paint color on your wall. I want to see pictures.

  3. Wow - we've just bought our first place together so I hope in a year's time I will be able to say that I painted the walls jalepeno pepper green (that sounds fab by the way!). I've got a "custard" colour paint sample on the way, so perhaps I might have to settle for that!

  4. angela, you are too cute, and your house, i love your plate wall, and everything else in it...if only i had the creative mind you have--its a gift!

  5. I need to see your wall. I think I'll like it. I like most anything that is green.

    If you were serious about flying to UT... I am really considering it. The 1st-2nd weekish of november, tickets are cheap, total would be $179 each.