Wednesday, October 15, 2008

why i love craigslist: part 34590423

Once again, I profess my love for Craigslist... Yesterday, I got two original (old!) Eames molded plywood DCM chairs for a good deal from a fellow only about a mile from my house.

To some, it might look like an ordinary chair. To me, it's a design icon (really though, it's in the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art, and Time magazine named it the Best Design of the 20th Century) created in 1946 by the husband-and-wife team that endlessly inspires me: Charles & Ray Eames.

Oh and that's my jalapeno pepper green wall. It looks so different in every light. I decided I like it.

Don't forget to come to BlissFest/Nie Recovery Fundraiser in downtown Mesa this Saturday! I'll be there at the SeeSaw booth from 11ish-5:00 pm and you better say hello.


  1. I'm leaving you for our wall.

  2. Angela, you make me jeolous. You are so good and faithful at Craigslist. Can I come sit in the chairs?

    They kind of remind me of old schools chairs. Like playing school at my grandmas house when I was a kid. Can I come play school at your house?

  3. I swoon over these chair every episode of House, they are the chairs in his office. I'm jealous of your local Craigslist, we don't get these listings in Florida!

  4. oh. my.

    those chairs are amazing and you now own two icons. wow! i would fall over myself to own some.

    love the wall + rug + chairs.

  5. the wall color, chairs, and rug feel like heaven together.

    can you come decorate my house?

  6. 1st, i LOVE your wall. it looks great

    2nd, living in snowflake is KILLING me, in mesa I was a faithful craigslist seller, buyer, that is the thing I miss very most, I have tried to request getting one started in the white mountain area, Show Low, but nothing yet.

  7. Holy cow, you are awesomely lucky. The last thing I got off Craigslist was a jumperoo. Granted, Wes loves it, but the plastic and lights do nothing for our decor.

  8. i love the wall- clint, you'd be crazy to stay.

    thanks for telling us about festival. i might be able to force landon to come.

  9. I like that color. A lot.

    I'm happy for your deal. I'm sure it won't be the last Eames piece of furniture you purchase. :)

  10. I would be a little made at Clint but I think I would give my first born for a Golden Spoon a mile away, so I understand his elation.

    We are going to try to make it to Blissfest. Hopefully we will see you there.

  11. (i never type in caps.)


    oh my. my my my.

  12. Oh! I was planning on showing up to that, since I'm in town. But maybe I might be too scared to meet you in real life. What if I'm uglier than in my pictures? What if you don't like me?

    Oh, the uncertainty.

    Either way, congrats on the chairs. Some of my craigslist deals, I swear I love more than I could ever love a human child. That's why I'm not mother material. I like buying cheap used things more than the thought of a kid.

  13. I found that same chair at an antique store last week, it was broken and (unfortunately) sold!