Wednesday, November 5, 2008

shoving hope down your throat.*

We went to a political party last night at the Wrigley Mansion. Obviously, I was more fascinated by things like the ceiling than watching the results come in or mingling with drunk strangers.

I've never really been into politics. In fact, I only went to the party because the host was one of my clients, and we designed the invitations for the event. For some reason I became a little more involved this year (by "involved" I mean asking questions of people from both parties and actually paying attention to all the political conversations) and finally formed my own opinion. And then I woke up at 5 in the morning yesterday so I could vote.

And now? I'm just relieved it's all over. Even though I'm a bit concerned, I really am hoping for the best.

*for you, mr. anonymous, and that nice little comment you left on my previous post. ah, so much love in the world.


  1. Ha ha Angela. We watched this video of this lady who had just heard Obama speak and she was BAWLING because she was "so happy". They asked her why and she said it was because she knew if Obama won that she wouldn't have to pay her mortgage and she would have to pay her gas. ha ha. Wow. That's why he got so many votes.

  2. I roll my eyes to the anonymous commenters of the world. If they have something to say they should own up to their opinions and not be snarky.

  3. I cannot believe that you are trying to shove your political beliefs down my THROAT!!

  4. Anonymous11/06/2008

    are you married?

  5. Wait, I don't have to pay my mortgage now?! SWEET! Angela, Angela where have you been? It's time for another date night....lets bring the husbands this time. Ill call around and we will figure something out. Remember good 'ol Lakeside Trail in LIsle?!

  6. I just read that exchange between you and Anonymous on the other post. I laughed out loud about the big throat comment you made. I love it. Sharp.

  7. P.S. The election wasn't an utter disaster. The marriage propositions passed in California, Arizona, and Florida. Also, the Democrats didn't gain enough seats to get a super-majority, which would have allowed them to stop Republican filibustering and possibly make amendments to the Constitution. Had they been able to do that, we might see a Constitutional amendment permitting same-sex marriage, which would trump the success on the states' marriage propositions just passed. So, we can be grateful in that respect. And lastly, Al Frankin was not elected to the Senate. He is a disgusting and despicable human being, and the defeat of that slob is one more thing to be happy about. We can be optimistic in some of the outcome of November 4th.

  8. drama on the blog. anonymous comments will do that. you should see the uproar when they are not anonymous. phew- that's real drama.
    i love that ceiling.

  9. Anonymous11/06/2008

    I thought our constitution granted us the freedom of religion and the freedom from religion?

    The is nothing sadder in the world than people that have to shroud themselves in "religion" to promulgate fear and utter hatred of others. We have welcomed Mormons into our community, and they thank us by telling us we are not fit to have equal rights for all citizens.

    Angela - at one point you said you were thinking of voting for Barack. And you received a crushing backlash from your "friends" and family. I'm sad to see that you clearly buckled to their fear mongering and lies. It's a tragic way to live.

    Also - people sign in anonymously because who wants creepy, right wing LDS freaks further attacking them? You are a violent, hateful religion, it's terrifying. Why do you believe in hating people? It's worse than than islamic fundies.

    New Zealand does not want you people, I guarantee it. I'd look into Saudi Arabia, Dubai, or maybe Russia. They are all as laissez-faire, racist and hateful as you all.

    It no fun being the subject of the majority's fear. You will see. You should not be proud, you should be very ashamed. As history will look back on you with nothing but sadness.

  10. Mormons aren't violent. I haven't killed anyone for weeks.

    If you want to have an adult conversation why don't you just send an e-mail or telephone? Or come over for tea and crumpets. Your call. I assure you we can converse freely without resolving to name-calling.

  11. I'm just a little confused, because I never even said anything about religion. And if you think Mormons are hateful, you obviously don't know much about the LDS church and our teachings. Though admittedly some of us are less than perfect, we are taught to love and serve others. And we do, all our lives.

    I never meant to cause a stir and I'm done. As Clint said, just email or call me and we can have a real conversation. And I'll probably still love you at the end of it.

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  13. how i love you.

    i hope you got your scarf/neck warmer!

    and i'll be home for thanksgiving, we'll go do something.

    i feel super lame for saying these things as a comment...but whatev. i've been reading the funny comments and just wanted to say i love you.

    ps: people who attack are purely reflecting their issues with themselves onto those who they are attacking. basic psychology lesson. i've learned it from years of experience from my step-father and a lot of counseling. i'm just glad our future isn't full of venom towards others who we don't agree with. makes for a much happier and simplistic lifestyle.

  14. Anonymous11/06/2008

    whoah... intense stuff here. yowza.

  15. i love how "anonymous" had to be "anonymous". couldn't he/she at least have the courage to leave he/she's name? why is he/she so concerned about the "violent nature" of us "mormons" here on the net, anyway? what are you going to do to he/she that he/she can't handle? maybe they feel like you would actually want to communicate with them civilly (like you did).

    they just want to yell.

    love ya, angela. (and that amazing ceiling)

  16. I think this anonymous is your personal stalker.. he/she knows that once you said you were voting for barak, and they know all the comments that were left on that post?? if you dont like someones blog and what they believe in or write why read it? it is kinda funny to read the persons comments though, they bring a little chuckle to me

  17. As I remember, Angela, you weren't sure who to vote for because you weren't entirely informed about the candidates. The prospect of Barack Obama as the first black president probably appealed to you as it does to all of us. You weren't set on voting Barack as Anonymous infers, if I remember correctly. The thought merely crossed your mind, as it had crossed my mind as well, at first. That is why I created my political blog to help my unsure friends at the time to find some sources and opinions on the matter. I don't think your "mormon friends" convinced you to go against Obama because of a religious ideology of hate, as Anonymous implies.
    It is astonishing how much discussion is generated when politics comes up. People get so riled up. It's too bad we can't have more intellectual discourse without rants and anger.
    As for Anonymous making Mormonism and Islamic Fascism parallels, the comment cannot be taken seriously in the least bit. When was the last time Mormons strapped bombs to themselves and walked into a civilian marketplace? Never. It is an ignorant and pitifully weak accusation, not to mention utterly false. But that goes without saying.

  18. P.S. Your response was beautiful.

  19. when i first read this post and saw you had 18 comments my initial thought was, "wow. i guess there's a lot of people who really love decorative ceilings."

    who knew it would of led to this. so dramatic.

    (hostile anonymous comments are fantastic. nothing's funnier.)

  20. Love it Ang, love it. Seriously who has time to go around making rude comments on blogs. Get a life anonymous and stop picking on my sweet sis-in-law!