Monday, December 22, 2008

8,760 days.

Another year older, another wonderful card from the husband. We had an early celebration on Saturday - dinner at Cibo in Phoenix and then The Nutcracker ballet. Yes, Clint went to a ballet with me...and enjoyed (or pretended to enjoy) it. And of course I especially loved listening to Tchaikovsky.

Today I'm one year away from being a quarter-of-a-century old. So without further ado, and in no particular order...

24 Things I Want to Do Before I'm 25

1. clean out the closet, get rid of half my clothes and shoes (done. time to do it again.)
2. plant an herb garden (it's not alive anymore, but that's ok)
3. photograph something every single day (A for effort)
4. take a sewing class (i gave myself one)
5. illustrate/design a children's book (written by clint)
6. create weekly meal plans and cook more
7. paint our bedroom
8. go two whole months without sugar (4+ yes!)
9. organize all the cupboards and drawers in our house
10. read atleast one book every month
11. spend more quality time with the husband
12. print photos from the past two years
13. hang the photo gallery wall in our bedroom
14. lose ten pounds (lose them, again.)
16. keep an inspiration collage journal
17. take a trip to pittsburgh
18. hike camelback mountain (piestewa peak counts, right?)
19. invite friends or neighbors over atleast once a month
20. take advantage of free yoga; go weekly
21. get family pictures taken (scheduled)
22. invest in art for our home (keep it up)
23. make five new friends
24. it's a secret (a work in progress)


  1. i absolutely insist that you remove number 8 from your list. you are an ogre to live with when you abstain from sugar. just enjoy it.

    happy birthday.

  2. happy birthday! that is one great list.

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hope you have a good one. I can never forget your birthday, its the same as cordaes, and mine is the same as stevens.

  4. Happy Birthday, Angela! Hope you have a fabulous day. You're a fabulous person. :) Merry Christmas too!

  5. Happy B-day Angie! That is a great list of things to do! You know... Camel back mountain is really short hike... you should just do it!! I use to have to run it for track...I hope you have a good day!

  6. 1. Can I have the half you don't want? Your wardrobe is darling!

    5. Oh heavens. Clint + children's book = interesting

    8. You are a greater woman than I.

    20. Where is there free yoga??

    21. That's on our to-do list for Christmas break. We have a mountain of pictures of Wes but family pictures are few and far between.

    24. Baby???

    Happy birthday!!

  7. Happy happy birthday angie dear, happy days will come to you all year! If I had a wish then it would be, a happy happy birthday to you from me!!!!! I too would like to know if the secret could possibly be a baby??? Hope you had a great birthday!!!!!!!

  8. i'm sorry to disappoint, but it's not a baby.

    not that procreation is an impossibility in the semi-short-term future. but number 24 is not a baby.

  9. Happy Birthday Angela! I called but just got your answering machine. Love the list. I seriously want to take the sewing class with you, take the free yoga classes, go without sugar for a while.
    And even though clint said it wasn't, I'm hoping 24 is a baby still. :)
    Happy Birthday!

  10. Anonymous12/22/2008

    you have to photograph something every single day with me! =) i actually want to start a project like that for this coming new year, but i was thinking since i suck at uploading photos from my digital camera to my computer every single day, i was wanting to do it with film. but i'm not quite sure if you shoot with film. hmmm, hmmm... ideas.


  11. I can't find a song titled 8,760 days. Therefore, I am forced to call you a liar.

  12. So... I think 24 is to sell my house in Utah. I dare you to try. :)

    Happy Birthday Angela. I LOVE YOU!

  13. Happy, happy birthday Angela dear, happy days will come to you all year, if I had one wish than it would be, to give all your unwanted clothes in your closet to me, me, ME.

    I see one of your friends has mentioned wanting those clothes. But remember, we already had an agreement, right?

    I love you. I have been thinking about all day. You are an inspiration to me for your kindness, creativity, and knowing when to say nothing. Have a wonderful birthday.

  14. happy happy birthday!

    (free yoga?! are you kidding me?)

  15. I know what 24 is, a cousin (maybe two) for Ro and Laney!!! Oh, I can't wait. Tell Clint to shut his little mouth.
    Anyhow, I too would love your clothes. I am totally up for free yoga and I would love to hike Camelback with you. Maybe you and I could do it during your week off. What do ya think?

  16. Oh, and of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  17. Anna, if your house wasn't so dang far from me and BYU, I would totally either get a bunch of girls to rent it out or find someone I know to buy it.

    Or, maybe I would.

    Haha, I'm not rich enough.

    you and I are going to
    1) sew
    2) plant you an herb garden

    during my stay there. yes?

    and, I think I might get you to love LOST because we'll be watching while sewing :) hahaha

  18. THANK YOU everyone.

    About that free yoga...

    At One Yoga (in Scottsdale and Phoenix) is a client of mine, and so I get free yoga. Sorry everyone :) Although I do have some FREE WEEK passes if you want to join me and try it out!

  19. happy late birthday! i am a fan of your blog although i'm not sure how i happened upon it...probably a letterpress link since i also have a small studio in OH. anyway, you definitely have to go to pittsburgh. i grew up there and now there are even more lovely things to do and see. don't forget the warhol museum, incline, and the strip district when you go!

  20. happy (super belated but no-less happy) birthday!

    is it creepy/weird that a lot of your list corresponds directly with my wishes for 09 list? (i don't dare call them resolutions...)

  21. happy super late birthday. hope your day was great and i love your new blog header!