Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Almost every day on the way to my office, I drive through Papago Park past the Phoenix Zoo. Just last week did I actually stop and think about the fact that half a mile from where I was driving there were tigers! elephants! zebras! And that's pretty awesome.

Today I met Anna and Clara at the zoo during my lunch break. It's been quite awhile since I've been to one (but I have lots of memories of being at the San Diego Zoo as a little California girl). I guess I had forgotten that giraffes are the coolest animal ever.

Also cool? My best friend is in the hospital right now about to have a baby... I'm SO excited.


  1. Yahoo, we had fun and are glad you came. Clara loves Aunt Ann-la. I do too, even if you always look better than me.

    What? Adell is having her baby?

  2. Yes she is... 3 weeks early! I think she said he measured 7 pounds at the ultrasound today, and everything is looking fine as far as I know.


  3. giraffes memsmerize me. they are incredible!

  4. All I know is that this post makes me want to eat hay out of a basketball hoop.

  5. The baby is here! Good job, Goffs!

    The Zoo is a good place. Speaking of good places that we overlook and neglect, I just bought a book on my little Flagstaff trip that is published by Arizona Highways that I think you would like. I know a lot of people can get disappointed with where they live, but this book opened my eyes to all of the many incredible things in Arizona (most of them of the natural world), and I already love this state. It is called "The Insider's Arizona Guidebook."

  6. I'm so excited you are in Young Womens!!! I was curious who was going to fill the spot. The leaders are great along with the girls. You will love it. No need to get nervous.

  7. Is it stalkerly of me that I knew that was Clara before you said so? Ummm...your family probably thinks I'm so creepy.

    I still think it's funny that your best friend is my second cousin. Also, that probably enhances my stalkerness.

  8. the phoenix zoo.

    I had a really awesome field trip there in elementary school once.

    and another time because of ELP I got to spend the night there. we got to "study" the nocturnal animals.

    good lunch break.

  9. I love the zoo and that is my most favorite Andrew Bird song. OH I also love love your bangs on you.

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