Sunday, March 22, 2009

give a little in, baby.

I've been trying to choose a wallpaper for one little wall in our house. It's been months and I still haven't made a decision (or just haven't found the right one, I guess).

Thankfully it was much easier to decide on 3 winners of the giveaway (I used a random number generator - # 13, 22, 30). So congrats to:

kate/kakie -- I've only read through her blog for a few minutes now but I already love it. From what I can tell she is a fellow letterpress printer, plus she's really funny.

paula -- I was happy her number won because she's been on a shopping hiatus for weeks and deserves it.

ryan hoffman -- He's been my friend since junior high, and he's an awesome photographer.

I'll email you guys soon to get a mailing address!

Everyone else
, remember you can buy the print here :)


Now if only I could choose a random wallpaper and be satisfied...


  1. I saw that that print was featured on {frolic!}. Very exciting---it's such a pretty blog.

  2. If you do textured wall paper I'll come over more often. :)

  3. i'm very disappointed not to have won the print.

  4. where are you looking for wallpaper? i'm looking for good sources.thanks!

  5. Nice! And thanks for plugging my photography.

  6. WHAT! Oh. I am sooo excited! Thank you very much. Like. Very Much!

  7. yay for kakie! she really is old high school friend of mine.

    yet another random way our paths just crossed...

  8. Man, I just want to hold that white one! It's so beautiful.

  9. Yeah! I am so excited. Thank you bunches.