Tuesday, March 10, 2009

pulling our weight.

My dad has been in the heart hospital for a few days now with atrial fibrillation. The other night we went to visit and climbed onto his hospital bed.

I just got home from seeing him again. The poor guy is going insane having to sit there and do nothing all day. He's been making some pretty funny jokes though... like changing his "special diet" on the nurses' whiteboard to say STEAK, and saying he's considered pushing the call button and then laying on the floor pretending he's dead (okay, so that one might be borderline inappropriate). I love you Dad, and hope you get to go home soon.

You know what else? Clint is really really sick. I'm so sad that he has to spend his spring break coughing up his lungs and puking. That's no fun for either of us.

And then there's me -- just trying to stay healthy and survive this week.


  1. Hang in there. It will all be okay.

  2. if he is sick, want to be my date to jenna's wedding on friday?!!?!

  3. Why do dads have to have heart problems and make us all worry? My dad has to get bypass surgery this next month and I am worried sick.

    Hope your dad feels better, and also your hilarious husband. :) (Every time I use a :) I think of his blog post about people using them too much).

  4. I'm pretty sure that this man is the carbon copy of my grandfather. Relish his sense of humor---it is pretty precious :)

  5. Yeah, you missed the letter he verbally penned yesterday:

    Dear Hospital,

    You forget to bring me my meals all the time.

    You forget to change my sheets.

    You forget I don't drink iced tea.

    So maybe I'll just forget to pay you.

    Your Patient

    Poor dad. I hope Clint feels better SOON.

  6. oh no! I hope Clint gets better soon same with your dad. He seems like a hoot.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear this. It'll be better soon -- as Helen said, hang in there!

  8. That's a cute picture of you all; too bad it's not a happier moment. Hope your dad gets well soon!!

  9. Your dad sounds like a fountain of hilarity. You can tell him I said so, if you think it would make him get better faster. Oh, what the heck...you could tell Clint the same thing and see if it works for both of them. I'm a multi-tasker.

  10. hey angela- thanks for the "create-everywhere you go". i am writing it on my kitchen chalkboard. it made me think immediately that as a mother i either create or destroy within my children depending on the words i use when they've misbehaved etc. it made me think. i want to create.

  11. hope your dad's heart problems improve. our son was born 15 months ago with the same problem, but luckily they were able to correct is (permanently hopefully) at birth. Very cute blog, fyi