Sunday, March 15, 2009

you're the good things.

friday ////////
We celebrated the marriage of our good friends (congratulations Jenna & Luke). Have I ever mentioned how awesome it is to be married? You almost always have a best friend by your side -- whether it's just sitting at home doing nothing or socializing at a party. I think that's pretty neat.

saturday ////////
Clint played another show. I love watching them perform (even though it kind of feels like high school all over again).

sunday ////////
I spent the evening in my parent's beautiful front yard -- visiting with family until dark, pushing little girls in swings, and being tackled over and over by three darling 2-year olds.

It was a good weekend.


  1. I love this post.

    It is apparent that you are a much loved person full of much love. You seems to abundantly enjoy the simple things in life.

  2. in that first picture it looks like i am sneaking up on me to kill me.

    ominous shadow.

  3. Cute little post.

    You and Clint are a good looking couple... but something about that first picture looks a little strange. I just can't figure it out though...

  4. Anna, could it be that:

    - I look a little bit cross-eyed?
    - Clint looks scared to death?
    - Clint's shadow is coming to kill him?
    - My bangs make me look like a 10-yr old?
    - We look almost as tall as the ceiling?

    Take your pick.

  5. Look at your bangs! Super cute.

    I like Clint's ominous shadow.

    (even though it kind of feels like high school all over again) - funny that you said that..any time I even THINK about going to a show like that I swear I turn into my 17 year old self.

  6. you two are just so adorable. I must agree being married is the best.

  7. it does sound like a lovely weekend. and you both make me laugh with your photo critiques.

  8. Yay, a full picture of your new bangs! I don't know why I'm always so scared of full bangs---they look good on everyone else. Must just be horrible memories of elementary school.

  9. I'm so glad to hear you enjoy marriage, we need more positive things said about it! I also think that marriage is one of the best things in life, at least the best decision I could have made!

  10. what a lovely weekend.

    i love having a built-in best friend.

  11. I really love the second photo, of the band.