Tuesday, May 26, 2009

happy birthday seesaw.

Two years ago, SeeSaw was born. I remember the phone call that came while I was in New York: our first client, days before we had officially started business. It has been a series of successes (both small and large) since.

Thank you thank you to:
- my very supportive husband, friends, and family
- my amazingly talented business partners/friends
- our awesome accountant
- each and every one of our clients

Feeling very blessed that my dream has been a reality for so long, and looking forward to the future.

p.s. We had a celebration dinner at a brand new pizzeria in Phoenix, The Parlor: amazing interior, delicious food, new favorite place, you must go!


  1. Happy Brithday to you...

    Thank goodness you have a good accountant.


  2. wish I lived in AZ so I could work with you! :-)

  3. Congratulations. I would love seesaw even if it wasn't your company. :)

    I've seen links to seesaw on two of my favorite blogs (martawrites and cupofjo) which is very impressive!

    You make owning a business look fun, easy, and refreshing. I have a feeling that I would be terrible at running a business!

  4. Congrats to you! ps...what happened to book club?! :)

  5. year three goal: (design) world domination.

  6. what a great picture of clint singing below... and i am so happy for you that your name finally made it in to a song. :) i am cracking up about how nervous you get for other people, wow, must be rough being in the blake family... like a constant squeeze clints hand moment... ha ha!

  7. Congratulations! Dreams do come true I suppose:)

  8. thanks everyone!

    shalynna - i'm sure you would be great at running a business. it's really not that hard!

    mel - no idea what happened to book club, but i need it to return because i'm failing on my goal of reading atleast one book a month.

    cherryl - haha. i'm getting more used to it all the time. but it was definitely an adjustment at first!

  9. since i can see the 2, does that mean i am not colorblind?

  10. happy late b day 2u
    happy late b day 2u