Thursday, July 2, 2009

how to hang a warhol.

me + favorite albers

he blends right in


We had dinner with new friends Melissa, Chris, and their adorable daughter Penelope. Afterward we all headed to the Phoenix Art Museum for a little culture (it had been a while since our last visit).

I love art. When I expressed to Clint for the hundredth time that I'm looking forward to owning a couple important pieces someday, he asked if I could fit a particular painting in my purse. We've had an ongoing joke about art thievery for years.

I also love the Internet, and how it connects me with other creative people who share my interests and beliefs. I think that's amazing and wonderful, don't you?


  1. I was just thinking the same thing...about the connection with other bloggers. It is so great to find others that you have things in common with & share them.

    I fully support you in your fine art collection endeavors & way to support Phx. culture. I admit you have to look a little harder to find but it can be done.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, it was so nice to see your comment. I was excited because I'm a blurker - I check your blog almost daily!
    Have a great 4th!

  3. Thanks for reminding me about art museums. I need to visit one soon.

  4. this post made me realize that my beard is really starting to pick up steam. puberty must have kicked in since our last museum trip.

  5. Clintclintclintclint does have a lot of man hair in that picture. He probably grows as much facial hair in a day as Jason does in an hour. Why steal art, just make your own and tell people it's worth millions.

  6. Is it bad that I was looking at your and your friend's cute outfits first before the art? Does that mean I'm not artistic or I'm just worldly? :)

    Thanks for the compliment on our telegram announcement. Coming from you- that is a HUGE compliment!

  7. i took my older kids to the phx art museum last summer and was surprised how long we wanted to stay, loved it. AGAIN, the t-shirts you guys made for san diego this year were so cute, LOVED them, loved the circus theme!! i meant to mention that in my blog, oops. i told clint i had a present for you guys, it was not a lie, i really do... you might have some visitors in the next week to drop it off! we will call first, we will be excited to see the inside of your house, since the only other time we have been there was to T.P. you!

  8. I love art too.

    Although we don't go to many galleries.

    We went on a cruise for our honey moon and one night we went to look at their art gallery. We showed some interest in a particular price and they were all over us to try to sell it. Too bad we didn't have a spare 5 grand on us that night...

  9. i love the internet. a lot.

    i love it so much i did my senior project about it. do you remember that?

    engines of our ingenuity:
    alphabet->moveable type->internet.

  10. We had a lot of fun, too!! I'm glad we were able to connect before we left! I was so impressed at the breadth of art they had there, something from nearly every modern era.

    Your pictures turned out awesome. Turns out I had my camera set to the wrong white balance. Blerg.

  11. thank you, thank you, thank you for the mail! (keep you eye on your mail box... :)

    and you are soooo cool.

  12. don't you just love museums? beautiful photos too! so glad i found you!