Tuesday, July 21, 2009

should we pretend?

It's been a while since I made a list (other than my endless to-do lists, anyway). And I love lists. So here's one currently in progress:

good things about Arizona summers
+ monsoons
+ 59¢ drinks at QT (diet coke, uh-oh)
+ making use of my collection of vintage skirts and dresses
+ lots of pools and swimming
+ extra motivation for the gym
+ walking indoors to cold A/C
+ then leaving a freezing cold building to thaw outside
+ more daylight hours
+ great shopping and sales
+ vacations
+ something to look forward to (fall/winter)

still thinking...


  1. you forgot otter pops--both for their unique tastiness and their ability to quickly cool down a piping hot armpit.

    don't knock it unless you've tried it.

  2. maybe you forgot the fact that otter pops are full of sugar...

  3. Ooh.. I love all of these. Especially QT's diet cokes.. uh oh is right!

    Cute skirt.

    Any favorite Vintage stores down there?

  4. "lots of pools and swimming" -- yes! there is something so fascinating about hanging out underwater and seeing feet float by. and i love getting my hair wet and letting it dry in the sunshine. :)

  5. See, it's AWESOME here in the summer. Ha ha, okay, maybe not AWESOME, but it's not all bad. I decided my next house really needs a pool so I can go jump in whenever I please.

  6. haha....yeah, swimming needs to be added. and I love the skirt too....

    I live in AZ that should be on the list :) haha...

  7. pretty, ethereal skirt. i like it. we've opted out of our annual summer pilgrimage down there. so, that 's one less thing to love about summers there. one of my favorites was collecting locust skins...

    i'm hoping to be able to spend a week there after christmas when i know it will be absolutely lovely.

  8. Love Love Love your outfit. You are too darling.

    Yes, I understand the appreciation for blasts of excellent AC, and then needing to thaw outside. That so describes me in the summer.

    Your blog is my favorite :)

  9. Not having to mow a lawn.
    Warm wind.

  10. I think you should add your Strawberry Spinach Salad. We had that tonight! MMMMMmmmm not specifically summer but it works.

  11. I was almost thinking the same exact things the other day.

    No doubt summer will make us really appreciate the Fall weather and make it that much more exciting...must needs be opposition in all things...must have the hot to appreciate the nice cool weather.

  12. I love monsoons!!! And always workout more in the summer.
    I had a dream that I house-sat for you and went through all your cupboards!!! Do you need a housesitter?