Friday, October 16, 2009

i remember a summer's day.

It still feels like summer when I step outside, but the pumpkin I brought home and my air conditioning turned down low are helping me pretend it's fall.

a few things making me feel nostalgic today:

- Earlier this week Clint and I saw Yo La Tengo play, and it brought back several wonderful memories of our dating years.

- I just had lunch with an old friend, my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. G. I can easily say she was the most influential teacher I ever had; I loved her then and I love her now. She instilled in me a strong desire to learn that I've kept with me all these years.

- Tonight I'll be watching this movie, which was one of my favorite books as a child.

Happy weekend...
p.s. thank you for all your sweet comments about my skirt


  1. Where the Wild Things Are?!?! So jealous. Have a BLAST.

  2. oh, i've been dying to see that movie! you'll have to let us know how it is.

  3. I honestly almost started to cry when I heard the weather was warming up again.. {lame but true.} I thought that I was golden for 4-6 months of 70-80 degree weather..

    Oh well.

    I'm bummed we're not hanging out tonight. We'll have to get together soon with the boys and carve pumpkins {hopefully when it's COOLER!!}

    Have a happy weekend!!

  4. Hey! My fifth grade teacher was one of my most influential people too. I was lucky enough to have Nancy Foor as both my fourth and fifth grade teacher. She has come to all kinds of important things in my life: arrow of light, eagle scout, mission farewell,'ve reminded me that I need to stop by and see her.

  5. mrs. goodwin, was by far the most influential teacher for me also. i love her. (she followed me out to my car at sams club about 2 months ago, i was so happy to see her!)

    (i have that shirt in red and cream)

  6. I am so sad it's warmed up, too.
    Let me know how the movie is. I think it looks wonderful but I've heard mixed reviews.

    I love your new blog header and layout. So clean and crisp. I love how you hid your links on the side. I feel like they make my blog look so cluttered. I might just try to figure out how you did that.

  7. how was the movie?! i'm dying to see it!

  8. Hello :)

    I love your blog! I gave it an "over the top" award. Check it out!

  9. I bought a pumpkin too. You should come over Friday and paint them with Clara and me. :)

  10. My 5th grade teacher was my mother. :)

  11. I love to hear when someone has kept in touch with teachers. That's awesome that you keep in touch with your 5th grade teacher! I actually just exchanged emails with Sra. Graf this weekend. I'm obsessed with her- she was the best teacher and I'm sure you and Clint would agree. In fact, I think it was Clint and all his friends that suggested for me to take her Spanish class back in the day! :)