Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the sun came while you were shining.

{beautiful nieces alexis + clara}

{anna + me at lake poway}

{little clara nicknamed me 'bubble-cheekies' on the ride. the name stuck throughout the trip. i wonder why?}

I spent Thanksgiving weekend in California (specifically, in the avocado capital of the world) visiting my oldest sister Emily and her family.

We spent a lot of time lounging around and talking, but highlights included:

- that awesome yellow couch
- my hilarious new nickname (because my "cheeks look like bubbles")
- visiting Poway (I grew up there) + memories from my childhood
- entertaining car rides with Clara; she's quite the 3-yr old storyteller
- rain, clouds, cold weather, sunday drives and lots of sleeping
- Swirlz Candy Emporium + consuming an absurd amount of sweets
- being with my incredible two sisters + their families (somehow I failed to get even one picture with Emily?)

Now I'm back to a slightly chaotic life full of to-do lists, and all I can think about is how I want to decorate for Christmas and go shopping for presents.


  1. those are such pretty pictures angela!

  2. looks like you had a great time. so jealous! :) hope you had a sweet thanksgiving.

  3. love your shoes.
    love all of these lovely little delights.
    glad you had a happy thanksgiving. :)

  4. Your outfits rule. Period.

  5. i love nicknames given by little ones. it beats coming up with one yourself and pretending like your nieces gave it to you...

  6. I seriously almost didn't recognize Clara. She's grown so much.

    I have gotten bit by the Christmas decor bug also. Sadly, I think most of ours is packed away at our in-laws cabin. I just might have find a way to get it back.

    I adore that chair and pine cone picture.

  7. It's sad that you are using your blog to push your happiness onto me. Sad sad sad.

  8. look at those smile wrinkles on you and anna. is that just a trick of the light? makes me wonder what i would look like in that picture.

  9. rachel, i don't think it's a trick. it's reality... yes i'm basically an 80-yr old woman. makes me wonder what i'll look like when i am actually that old.

    oh well, at least smile wrinkles mean i'm a happy person?

  10. first your hips go, then your facial skin. i wonder what it will be next ;-). my guess is your tricep skin. just using myself as a predictor of your fate... looking at me is like seeing yourself in 10 years. if that doesn't scare you, i don't know what will.

    and yes! absolutely! i love smile wrinkles. aren't you glad you have those instead of a big crease between your eyebrows?

  11. i like that close up of us. i'm just glad the sun was present to wash out my ugly marks. :)

    i'm glad you came. here's to hoping we will make memories with all the sisters in december.

  12. You take such amazing pictures. I love seeing your posts!
    I need your address.
    please email me
    Love, Jana

  13. my eyes adore the yellow chair.
    yellow is such a happy color.
    it makes me happy. happy.

    your pictures are always so pretty.

  14. Hi Angela,

    I happened upon your blog while looking at Kate Lines' photography blog... she had provided a link to yours. Can I just say I love your style!? Your pictures are beautiful, and I am in love with your brown shoes in this post. Now can I be a little nosy and ask where you found them and what are some of your favorite places to shop???

    Thanks! Your blog is super cute. :)