Saturday, January 23, 2010

fifteen years fly by.

We headed to downtown Mesa today for the historic homes tour, but then decided not to spend thirty bucks and drove past our favorite homes instead. It was nice spending a few hours together walking around in the beautiful cloudy weather, eating at our favorite local pizzeria, and discussing what our life might look like down the road.

In the interest of putting things out into the universe, here's a few aspects of our 5-10 year plan:

- a home downtown (we love the brick one I'm standing in front of)
- a couple of kids
- our own space on Main Street for a collaborative art & music studio
- teaching (art classes for little kids, letterpress workshops, etc.)
- Clint Hardison, writer & real estate mogul (kidding... kind of)

My heart feels full when I think about eventually living in a home/community we love, spending my days as a mother, and being involved in a creative environment.


  1. Your posts make me daydream. I absolutely adore your life and style. That house is beautiful (and that is an understatement). I love that you have a plan. We need a plan.

  2. I love your goals, when I think about 5 years in the future, it seems a million years away. But I feel like we're in the right direction to fulfill our dreams, so I'm happy with that!

  3. this post was so lovely! i really like your shoes
    & your plan made my heart smile!

  4. I like your plan. Except that part in which you failed to mention living next door to Anna.

  5. I love the downtown homes. The architecture is so beautiful.

    I heart Queen's too. Sooooo good.

  6. i love it. so fun to think about the future with the hubby. makes me so excited!! and your outfit is adorable. love the shoes. and that house. you two are too cute.

  7. Ah yes. I LOVE that one too. I wish that we lived a few blocks east {vs. the semi ghetto street we live on.} What a fun day adventure.

    I hope you really do open a studio someday so that my future kidlets can go there. :)

  8. wait.. i meant to say a few blocks west.

  9. Are you trying to say that you aren't in a house/community that you love? I forget how close we live to each other- we should probably hang out! Wanna do dinner some night this week?

  10. you're kind of jumping the gun with that "a couple of kids" statement. you know that i will not agree to procreate until you promise and signify in writing that we can legally name our first female "little angela hardison."

    i await your reply.

  11. Sounds like a great plan angela!Now get to it:)And I agree with clint... a "little angela hardison" is adorable.

  12. I like your post, but as your neighbor I'm not loving your plan to move away! Love the shoes:)

  13. Sigh. How badly I want to live in one of the historic neighborhoods in Mesa!

    Also, I've never been to that pizzeria. Must try (especially because pretty much the only thing I want these days is melted cheese)

  14. I love the homes downtown too. That brick one is beautiful.

    This sounds like an awesome plan. You will have the most talented, creative, and pretty babies.

    What will the age limit be for the letterpress workshops? Would you make an exception and let one adult in?... Let me know. :)

  15. alicia & sarah - i love the people in our neighborhood. i just don't love that it's far away and lacking the old character i adore.

    shalynna - yes! letterpress classes would only be for adults. (i would never let little kids around those scary machines.)

  16. i♥your post
    i♥your shoes.
    i♥you dear.

  17. We support your downtown shop already!!

    We're here to stay.

    We love this area.

  18. Very inspiring. I agree. I hope I can make a difference in this world and do somethings I love.
    You are definitely a loving and creative person.

  19. "the best laid plans of mice and men..." just kidding. it's fun to dream about what the next chapter in our lives will hold, and what we want to put in there. sounds like it will be a beautiful story. (also, funny because clint will be one of the characters).

  20. Oh, you two are just lovely!
    What a charming post.
    Your 5-10 year plan seems a lot like mine - here's to hoping it all works out.

    <3 Grace.

  21. Love your goals. We're checking off the 'becoming parents' to our list in May. We're excited (but yes, nervous!).

  22. this post has me thinking that I too want to make more specific long term goals. so fun. love the brick house too:)

  23. ugh. again. i swear i commented. i just come back to look at your pretty pictures and realize i didnt.

    will you buy a house for us at the same time? we could be neighboors.

  24. i love that house too! It is for sale... you just need 900k. Too bad cuteness is so expensive!Well i hope someday you get your brick house.. if not this one, another one.

  25. i love your plans...

    incredibly lovely

  26. ditto to the commenter right above me....

    If I were to translate the above comment then I think it says, "If you move to downtown Mesa you will up the stock of that fine town"

    I concur.

  27. My dreams are so similar!
    I did a shoot in that same neighborhood, and it all took place on this guys porch. I feel so inspired just driving through there.
    love love love it.

  28. This is a result of blog surfing.. My 3 year old is napping, 5 year old at school and I'm nursing the baby- so what more to do.
    I saw that you wanted to teach art classes to kids.
    A few years I started doing just that and I could not believe the response.
    I have a degree in Art Education and people would ask about it on occasion, but I never thought that it would work.
    After teaching for a while I set up a blog for my classes and offered them in 6 week sessions(give or take a few weeks). This gave chances for people to take a session and then take time off and I was constantly able to advertise my new sessions and keep people coming.
    We moved to the White Mountains and I stopped the classes- I'm going to focus on my kids, it is hard teaching with a baby. I felt bad because it seemed people were so happy to find affordable art classes for their kids. I wish I knew someone to refer them to.
    There is a market in Mesa.
    You can see my blog if you want ideas on how I set it up.