Saturday, January 30, 2010

they found their color.

The skies have been grey here a lot lately. (I've also been in a better mood lately. Coincidence? Doubtful.) But grey skies or not, I like to fill my life with color. In honor of these awesome vintage numbered glasses*, a few lists...

3 songs I'm listening to today:

Delta Spirit - Strange Vine
Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Roslyn
Andrew Bird - Tenuousness

5 things I should be doing right now that I'm not:

cleaning my house,
photographing vintage finds (thank you for all the enthusiasm about it),
getting a pedicure, and
designing wedding invitations for my brother-n-law.

6 promises to myself for next week:

eat more vegetables,
hang up my clothes every day,
do not say "I have nothing to wear",
go to the gym atleast four times,
do not procrastinate major projects, and
do something nice and unexpected for a friend.

*Too bad I accidentally stepped on the number 5 glass and shattered it to a thousand little pieces. Why must I be so clumsy?


  1. your posts get more and more visually stimulating every week.

    for serious.

  2. I like the colored tiles of the Rancho Grande Supermercado.

  3. Hey you should have seen the looks we got when we took our family photo last year in front of that mexican market. (referring to the first photo)

    Now we are double mint twins with out number glasses. Sad that you stepped on the 5.

    Also pls. say you worked out a deal with you know who to move your office to where you know where

  4. hopefully nobody thinks I am talking about the "deal" being located on the corner of University & Country Club...bad corner..I've heard lots of deals going on right there. haha

  5. The 5 things you should be doing cup is shattered...that's an interesting thought. Lol, good luck!

  6. i love it. so clever:)
    ps, ummm how are you so patient as to not have already spent your $300 in anthro cash?! i got some for chrsitmas too and spent it within a dew days!

  7. One question-How in the world do you have nothing to wear?!?! You always have the cutest outfits! That is something I need to stop saying cuz I say it at least ten times a day (cuz it's true).

    I'm so glad you put what your listening to. I was just thinking the other day how bored I am of my music, so thank you for the suggestions.

  8. Lovely. Lovely.

    I too say that often about nothing to wear. Not true.

  9. I love the glasses. love your blog, very stimulating and full of life.

    Ps we went to high school together

  10. i make the nothing to wear excuse much to often. (this newly enforced byu budget is helping my creativity, i've even started hemming my pile of things that just needed and little help...)

    oh rancho grande. have you ever actually gone in there? they have some crazy stuff...

  11. oh, and that bon iver song? ... perfect.

  12. Still excited about your shop!

  13. love love love this post.

  14. These are nice goals. Pretty colors. Happy Sunday!

  15. Help me decide what's funnier: you thinking you can go an entire week without saying "I have nothing to wear" or you stepping on a glass.

    Too bad you weren't at my house Saturday night, I was the recipient of the world's best pedicure.

  16. thank you for the music. i love it. and i do not think i can blog more, but i miss you too. i'm starting no sugar tomorrow and another tax season. it should be thrilling...

    i stayed up until 4:30 am last night (this am?) designing things for relief society because all the old stuff was ugly. i thought you alone would appreciate that. love ya.

  17. Love the Pitts pictures, love the vintage dress and love the glasses. Seriously, you have such a gift for making ANYTHING look amazing!

  18. ow! did you cut your foot? those glasses are amazing, its like still being simple... but adding fun color.

  19. those glasses are the shiz! I would have cried if I broke one. I just shed a tear for you. I wanted to buy some sweet glasses but I was too nervous to pay too much money and then break one and be devestated. my husband has a bad track record.

  20. hanging up clothes...I hear that one!!!! Lovely blog :)

  21. next time your ready to run, give me a ring. It's been a while since we went:)

  22. Those glasses are darling! Sad that #5 is gone! xo

  23. I hate not having anything to wear!! Or that feeling of loving something when you first get it and you feel pretty hott for the first 3 months you wear it and dies. So sad. And you never want to look at it again. Sigh. ah the life of a shirt.


  24. sad day. i would probably miss that number 5 glass.

    ps i think you're the bees knees.

  25. bon iver is dreamy. i've been listening a lot because it seems to be a good soundtrack for this winter.
    and that supermercado is the place to go for the best carne asada.

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