Sunday, March 7, 2010

looking over your shoulder.

I made it through another week. And throughout the week, I kept telling myself you made it through another day. Yes I'm a little dramatic, but yes I've had a lot going on. Things are slowing down and for that I am grateful.

When I finally checked the mailbox this week (okay, maybe it's been a couple of weeks) there was a delightful package waiting for me from Secret Pocket... some fabric magnets which are already up on our fridge. I love them; thank you Mackenzie! It reminded me of another awesome thing that came in the mailbox earlier this year... an amazing letterpressed book of poems from an old friend of mine and a reunited pen pal, Molly in Portland.

I love good mail.


  1. Thanks Angela :)

  2. Those magnets are beautiful!!!!!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope you had/have a great Sunday.
    I say with sincerity that you are a very kind and genuine person. I enjoy reading your blog because it's beautiful and you are uplifting!!
    Bye! :)

  3. Hi,
    New here. I clicked you from SITS. I see that you had a very Happy SITS Sunday. Have a blessed week from Monday and all the days beyond. Hugs.

  4. thanks so much! I am so happy you like them. I love fun mail. I'm trying hard to do that more.

  5. I'm glad your week is slowing down and I love those magnets. Let me know if I could help with anything.

  6. i love mail too. oh and beautiful little delights in the mail, are seriously the best. i just got a darling little headband in the mail and it totally made my week. way to keep pushing through!

  7. ooo! i likey-like the song. adding it to my run play list as we speak. thanks for sharing.

    you sound like you need a vacation. it's a lovely 39 degrees here if you're thinking of stopping by.

    and my verification word is "etediscy". sounds like some kind of 70's version of etsy.

  8. I am so with you on surviving things day by day right now. Busy is nice but at the same time a slower pace would be nice too!

    Aaaand on that note I'm going to bed. At 7 pm. Lovely.

  9. i just spent 20 minutes reading back through your blog. i'm really overwhelmed right now by how talented you are. your beautiful pictures and your eye for all things vintage. thanks for making me jealous.

  10. that's some right pretty photography.