Monday, June 7, 2010

a sense of color and composition so magnificent.

There are some days,
more than I'd care to admit,
when I feel completely uninspired
(and if I'm being honest, maybe even a little bit lifeless).

Then out of nowhere,
in the midst of a thought or hurry,
I notice how the sunlight hits a wall and makes new colors
or the way that shadows dance through my window.

And in that brief pause I'm reminded,
ever so quietly and as if I never should have doubted,
that I was (you were)
born to create.

I live for these moments.


  1. Anonymous6/07/2010

    did you make this, angela??? i love the pattern!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more!

  3. your right.

    (and thanks for being so nice, even if i'm a little bit crazy.)

  4. just what i needed today.

  5. amen! so well put.

  6. you're wonderful. seriously.

    i'm glad you were born to create. you create such beautiful things.

  7. Angela,

    My dear, sweet, remarkable, amazing daughter.

    You have touched on the eternities with your poetry. Do not forget that your incredible talent to create has been given to you a by a loving Heavenly Father, whose own son has been called the grand designer of this world. That which we create here is but a veritible grain of sand in his plan. "all things testify of Christ", even that which we create on His earth. Use your talents wisely and seek inspiration in all things.

  8. this is surprising. and good.

  9. What perfect words. I found myself reading this over and over again and it really made me think.

    I'm sure you've heard (read) me say it before, but I often feel like I just don't have any talents. I play the piano, but so does everyone else. I like to sew and cook, but I'm definitely not an exceptional seamstress or chef. I like beautiful things when it comes to fashion and decorating, but I'm not great at coming up with ideas myself (I'm a great follower, though). Anyway, your words have reminded me that we can all create beautiful things. Even if I play a simple hymn on the piano, I'm creating music. When I make a simple meal for my family, I'm still creating something. Am I making sense? I don't necessarily have to be talented at these things, but I can still do them and feel as if I am creating something beautiful.

    Sorry for the novel. :)

    Oh, and your dad's sweet comment makes me want to cry. And he's right- you are remarkable, amazing, etc!

  10. True. Did you know, I'm pretty sure I'm more creative during different parts of my monthly cycle. Serious.

  11. amen, sister. I love that blouse!

  12. Do you remember when I told you and Anna that God was the master designer and you laughed at me?

    Still standing by my words. My best creations are my children. It's funny how I've needed less graphic designerly things to inspire me as I've made them my focus.

    Still creating, just with different mediums. I hope that will be the story of my eternity.

  13. I definitely feel that way from time to time.

    This is such a lovely post. :)
    (..I think all of your posts are lovely.)

  14. love love love what you said. just what i needed, thank you!!

  15. wow. just wow.

    i envy your many many talents and your class.

    i saw the same shirt at u.o and somehow convinced myself out of buying it. now you have made me realize that i've made a huge. huge mistake.