Tuesday, July 20, 2010

merrily, merrily.

Another (yes, another) reunion t-shirt; this one designed in collaboration with my sister Rachel for our upcoming family trip to Hawley Lake.

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.

A familiar little rhyme, with much more meaning than I ever realized:

The lyrics have often been used as a metaphor for life's difficult choices, and many see the boat as referring to one's self or a group with which one identifies. Rowing is a skillful, if tedious, practice that takes perfection but also directs the vessel. When sung as a group, the act of rowing becomes a unifier, as oars must be in sync in a rowboat. The idea that man travels along a certain stream suggests boundaries in the path of choices and in free will. The third line recommends that challenges should be greeted in stride while open to joy with a smile. The final line, "life is but a dream", is perhaps the most meaningful. With a religious point of view, life and the physical plane may be regarded as having equivalent value as that of a dream, such that troubles are seen in the context of a lesser reality once one has awakened.


UPDATE: All of my family reunion t-shirt designs are now available to purchase here.


  1. Will you please sell your reunion shirts. I want them...all of them!

    I had never thought about the meaning of the song. So deep and moving! The perfect meaning and theme for a family reunion.

  2. Tell Tiffany I'll sell her my shirt for $50.

    Life is but a dream... what a crock. JK. I was thinking about that song today and how I am really glad it's on our shirts.

  3. amazing! i love.
    where do i go to order one?
    i really want one of those.

  4. hahaha i didnt even see that tiffany wrote that too! okay, time to add that to your little business! sell your shirts!
    oh, and i was thinking, i wanna hire you to make my fam reunion shirts!
    you rock.
    and im lucky to be your friend. ummm if you consider us friends??? haa.
    great meaning. love it.

  5. Tiffany,

    You can have mine for free.
    Quite a shirt for a family not known for having both its oars in the water at the same time.

  6. Wow, I love it! I love all your reunion shirts! And I love going to Hawley Lake! I've gone the past few years with my family, too! :)

  7. ah, i love it!! i would buy one too!

  8. gosh you are so talented. such a cute idea.

    that ice cream looks sooo yummy below. and i really really love the bright red poppies picture. it's so bright!

    so about the teething rings... i've tried to get him to sell them. but he says that the amount of time he spends on each one (quite the perfectionist, it's the sanding them til they are smooth as can be part, that is really where all his time goes) is not worth what he could make. i'm still trying to think of a solution to this.

  9. Cute reunion Tees, no surprise. Saw you are going to Denver, beautiful... clearly there is a certain trailer park 45 miles north you will have to visit. :)

  10. oh it's to die for, i love it!

  11. Again your talent comes out in the the design of another cool shirt.

    Now I have that song in my head.

  12. LOVED the shirts and the commentary on the song!