Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i could not get through september without a battle.

Counting down the last few days of this month, because October has so much meaning. First signs of fall, a start to the holiday season, and of course (at last) some relief from this unbearable summer heat. Thank heavens.

I caught a glimpse of the cooler temperatures when Clint and I went running outside the other night. I think my broken ankle has finally decided to fully heal, which I'm pretty sure means my body is encouraging me to get back into running. So far so good.

A conversation with my father-in-law earlier this week changed my life. He has an energy, presence and spirit about him unlike anybody else on earth. Really, it's indescribable and beyond amazing; I wish you could all experience him in person or hear his wisdom and stories. We talked about the concept of commitment, and how commitment is what it takes to accomplish something or be someone or realize any dream. When you are completely and powerfully committed, miracles will happen. Right now I'm excited thinking about the miracles that are going to happen in our life...

(Miracle #1 will be if I go running right now, even though I'm out-of-my-mind exhausted.)


  1. You can do it! Running in the mornings have been really nice lately.. if you consider yourself a morning person, of course.

    And I want to meet your father-in-law. I want him to make me committed to figuring out my career path. Or maybe he can just pick for me. That'd be cool too.

  2. Maybe your father-in-law can work some miracles in my life. But they need to be much bigger than getting me to go for a run. :)

  3. i wish i had more will power to work out. so Go YOU!. thats amazing.

    p.s. hobby lobby is a dream. once you know where everything is... which took me like a week cuz i went so often. i think i should work there, except the whole no barcode thing really bugs me. :)

  4. i love october too. my birthday + halloween.

    so i haven't ran since the marathon. my training says to take 26 days off. one day for each mile. but after reading this i decided to put my running shoes out for the morning. i'm ready to feel it again. (and i'm not sore anymore! i was thinking it'd take weeks to feel better, hooray!)

    i'm not sure what miracles your talking about, but i'm excited for you anyway.

    i also realized my post sounded like a poor-me-i-need-a-baby-right-this-second post. but i'm so happy with where we are and i wouldn't change what we've had. and we still have a lot we can do... although if someone decided to come along, i'd be cool with it...

    novel. sorry.

  5. your father in law sounds like a cool dude.

    i've been promising myself for weeks now,that i'll go for a run. it's time for a miracle myself!

  6. that is awesome. and very inspiring. i like him already. i love good conversations. when you walk away totally loving that person and being so fulfilled. i think i really needed to read/hear that, so thank you. and thank you father in law.
    loves, and good job running...i need to get my booty out too.

  7. Steven Forbes Hardison deserves his eventual grandchild to bear his name.

    And everyone else deserves to talk to my dad and have their mind blown.

  8. hmmm i have way too many other boy names i like.

    but i definitely agree on your second point.

  9. i want to hear your boy names.

    i want to commit to running and not eating sugar and learning a language. can your father-in-law take care of that for me? no? shoot.

  10. it will be a miracle if I run a long distance at any point in my life. I'm glad you were inspired my family. I'm excited for this weekend! Counting on the same thing.

  11. I love talking to people who refuel my energy and inspire me to be better-it is always just the ticket for what ails me. Running comes in close second for that-so hopefully you are feeling tip top right now!

  12. cool weather, cool weather, cool weather.... it won't be long now!

    oh, and so glad you can run again, so happy to have my gym friend back!

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  14. i must say that you are one of my favorite blog of all! You bring a little (more) joy in my routine dear Angela!

    You admire you talent and your honnestly in your post.

    You are a real inspiration.


  15. ahh, is October finally around the corner!? Geesh, its taken too long this yr...I think the heat is starting to drive me mad. Sooo, miss Ang, I started massaging again. And I'm LOVING it. Your achy running body might love it too ;) I do house calls...just sayin.

  16. Ick. That's the hardest thing about running and yet probably the best thing I learned from the act of forcing myself to do it. It's almost like I have to bribe myself to continue every single mile. But really, the hardest part about the whole ordeal is just GETTING OUT THERE TO DO IT. hah. Best wishes :)

  17. excellent thoughts. i think of commitment in terms of Wanting something with a capital "W".

    want to be a stay-at-home mom? live in a small house, plant a garden, cook meals at home and work hard.

    want to be a published writer? put your bum in your chair and write while your friends meet for lunch and the husband watches t.v.

    so many things in life are available to us if we CHOOSE them. if we CHOOSE to take the fork in the road that will lead us there and then KEEP ON WALKING, regardless of what comes our way.

    i think i might need to do a blog post about this. this got a little long o-0.

  18. I love your style, Angela.