Friday, November 19, 2010

the world spins madly on.

Happy Friday. Here's another round of my five senses for the weekend.


Chicken noodle soup. It's totally soup season, and I love it.

Kind words in my mind. I'm fighting off my inner critic once and for all. It feels amazing.

Flowers that have lasted longer than expected (always a nice surprise). Oh, and the new Harry Potter movie, along with the rest of the world.

Piles of mail, laundry, and things all around the house. I'm doing some much needed deep cleaning.

Pumpkin, pumpkin everywhere - I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. I'm making four pies next week! I can't decide which kinds to make - what's your favorite?


Favorite find(s): a lovely, illustrated gardening book and a set of bright candy-striped glasses.



    That pie is so so so good. Except mix the syrup with the apples and then brush the top with a little leftover instead of pouring it all over the top.

    A Hawaiian classic. I have to make it every year for Aaron and it's always SO good.

    So so so good.

    And, lastly, I really want to try this one:!%29

    Also, I'm sorry I'm retarded and don't know how to just make links. Someday I'll learn.

  2. cherry pie for sure.

    and get prepared for harry potter. it lived up to nearly every expectation of mine. which is saying a lot as a diehard hp fan.

  3. I am also loving that it's soup season. I could seriously eat soup every night.
    I'm not much of a pie fan so I have no suggestions for you on that one.

  4. Those flowers do last a long time! I've had them before and I was surprised as well.

  5. i love this.

    this year i will be making my traditional peach pie from home canned peaches as well as a caramel pecan pie, inspired by liberty market's pecan bar. please tell me you've tried it.

  6. oooo, I like 5 senses day. :) and I like that song in the title that is now stuck in my head. and fresh, hot apple pie is the bomb-diggity!

    and that's all folks.

  7. these are my favorite posts of yours!

    hooray for soup!

  8. I thought about you today at Goodwill. Seriously, if I would have had my phone I would have called you to come over and meet me because I saw a few treasures that thought would make you smile.

    Have a great weekend and I like the classic pumpkin pie.

  9. great post.

    that weepies song is always in my head. always. for some reason it haunts me.

    my favorite kind of pie is a really tart, sweet, hot apple pie with ice cream.

    we just finished a soup marathon at our house. i'm not joking. soup every night for 21 days! it was so fun. i could have kept on going for another month or so, but the masses were starting to revolt, so we're having cafe rio tonight.

    and yes, i will totally make your baby a quilt ;-).

  10. it doesn't feel like thanksgiving in idaho. maybe i should make a pie (or tell landon to make one, he's way better)

  11. I loved that you blogged about your five senses. Sometimes, I'll have multiple sensory delights at once - seeing a beautiful sunset while hearing my favorite music and feeling a caressing breeze. It's sublime. My favorite pie is pecan.

  12. Saw you read Pride and Prejudice, so good, love it. However, Jane Eyre is better, if you liked that one. Probably one of my favorite books in the same time setting... with SO much more moral depth... just saying. And any pie is great, as long as you make homemade crust... don't lame out on store bought.

  13. Ah, I love soup season, too :)
    And good for you for fighting your inner critic. That's been a struggle of mine, too.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for playing along :)

  14. all pie is good pie.

    (except rhubarb, mincemeat, or something unintentional--like pumpkin with a discarded fake red fingernail baked into its middle.)

  15. A) That picture is gorgeous. I want to stare at it and sigh contentedly all day long.

    B) Mmmmmm...pumpkin pie. It feels unreal that its november already, and I keep being grumpy about the cold, and forgetting that November means pumpkin pie, turkey gravy over stuffing, and candied sweet potatoes.

    C) I haven't even made it past the first post, but I'm gonna go ahead and say your blog is great.

  16. Yep, I was right. Consider yourself followed, missy. That yellow couch was the kicker.

  17. I love soup and pies. Since I will be eating said pies, I think you should rely heavily on my suggestions:

    coconut cream
    chocolate cream
    banana cream
    nutty crumby (you think judy would give you the receipe??)

  18. Have a wonderful weekend! HP is AMAZING, and although I love the smell of pumpkin, we went and looked at Christmas trees this weekend... they smelled SO GOOD!!!! Can't wait to buy one when it gets a little closer to the holidays!

  19. Great post.

    Harry Potter was just amazing. I loved it.

    As for pie, don't hate me but I actually dislike pie. Specifically, pie crust. If it has a graham cracker crust, it's all good. If not, I just eat the filling out and give the crust to My Better Half.

    Further proof we're perfect for each other.

  20. Mmmm! Chicken noodle soup sounds so delicious! Last week while I was in Oregon, I made a big batch of Italian Wedding Soup - perfect for that cold, wet type of weather. I hope your week is off to a great start!


  21. I just discovered your blog and it's beautiful! Can you tell me what kind of flowers those are? I'm getting married in September and these would look beautiful. Thanks so much!